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BSS Dashboard EA


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We are proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the new BSS Dashboard EA 2.1!

The BSS Dashboard EA 2.1 is the exact same as the popular Beast Super Signal EA, but in a simple easy to follow Dashboard layout. Instead of loading the Beast Super Signal EA on a separate chart each time, the BSS Dashboard EA 2.1 will show all the pairs on a single chart, continuously scanning for possible signals, and then trade them full automated.

As soon as all the internal strategies align, and confirm a valid signal, it will display on the Dashboard as valid buy or sell, and the EA will open the order, monitor, and manage it.

There are multiple money management options like using fixed lot or % of account balance.

There are also 2 options for setting the TP & SL level.

1. TP & SL using ADR % (Average Daily Range).
2. TP & SL using fixed lot.

There are more parameters in the input settings to further customize the EA to your own preference, however the standard default settings have been optimized for best performance.

Best results, and recommended trading time frames is H1 & H4. Scalping on lower time frames (M1, M5, M15, etc.) implies higher risk as lower time frames are more volatile, less reliable, and less accurate, and major trends tend to respect higher time frames more than lower time frames.

Trading on lower time frames or scalping is not recommended, and should you wish to, you do so at your own risk!

For alternative payment options like payment with Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin or local bank transfer (South Africa Only) please contact us. Thank you.

Please note that you will receive 1 demo license key, and 1 real account license key per product purchase only. Additional license keys can be purchased for $39 per extra license.