Founded in 2017, with over 10 years of combined forex software development and trading experience, Beast Trading Software was developed by traders for traders. We offer a range of professional forex trading software products to increase your trading profits, and to help you become a more profitable trader.

We have three forex trading products available depending on your trading needs.

1. For those looking for a simple solution and something to take the guess work out of trading then our famous Beast Super Signal indicator is the product for you. It will continuously monitor current price action looking for new possible trends developing or strong reversals building at extreme price levels, and trends that have reached strong exhaustion levels. The Beast Super Signal is a simple and easy to use trend based indicator. It will continuously monitor the current market conditions looking for new developing trends or jump in on an existing trend. The Beast Super Signal indicator will monitor the current market conditions, and only when all of the internal strategies align, and are in 100% confluence with each other, the indicator will give a buy or sell signal. All you need to do is buy or sell when you get a signal arrow alert, no additional confirmation is needed.

2. For those who don’t have much time to sit and watch the charts all day or perhaps you have a full time job and can’t trade as much as you’d like to, our Beast Super Signal EA is a great option. The Beast Super Signal EA is based on our famous Beast Super Signal indicator. It is a simple, and easy to use trend based EA that will trade all the signals for you fully automated.

3. The Breakout Beast EA is an advanced breakout EA which is optimized for trading the breakout on US30 (Dow Jones) during the NY session and the breakout on GBPUSD during the London session. Most days when the London & New York market opens there is strong market volatility and momentum which the EA then capitalizes on and makes a profit on it.

Using unique advanced logic and special smart calculations of the previous highs and lows the Breakout Beast EA will draw breakout box during the London session for GBPUSD and during the New York trading session for US30, and it will trade the breakout. There are 3 take profit levels which uses advanced fibonacci based calculations, and a fixed hard stop loss is always used for protection of the account.

This EA is perfectly suitable for safe prop fund trading, it does not hold orders to the next day and it’s flat on weekends. I can provide optimized set files especially for prop fund trading to keep your prop fund account within the max 5% daily loss limit.

Improve your trading success with one of our trading products. We have a range of excellent professional trading products available to suit your forex trading needs.

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