Yes we market our software as having an average success rate of 70%. We base this on an average calculation based on the calculated historical period in the indicators and EA’s settings. Depending on the market volatility, time frame being traded, and indicator /EA settings being used you can find sometimes the success rate is higher than 70% and sometimes lower. This is completely normal and the success rate will fluctuate based on the various factors mentioned above, but thanks to the dynamic risk management strategies that the indicator uses you can find that even if the success rate is lower than 70% you will still make a positive profit in pips. Our EA and indicator are not 100% perfect and sometimes they can have some losses as no EA or indicator can be 100% accurate all the time. Our EA and indicator are not the Holy Grail. It is quite normal if some signals are not correct, not every signal will be 100%, and sometimes it can be incorrect. The EA and indicator use proprietary custom internal strategies, and unique logic to predict the future market price, but sometimes just like anything else it can be incorrect especially due to strong fundamentals as these can cause the EA and indicator to have some false signals on related pairs even though technically the signal are valid and correct. Nothing or no one in the world can predict the future market price, we can only speculate future price based on previous historical price data. Always use a stop loss, and never risk more than 1-2% of your account per trade, and you will be able to mitigate any potential losses and protect your profits.