Breakout Beast EA 1 Month Rental



The Breakout Beast EA is an advanced breakout EA which is optimized for trading the US30 daily breakout. Most days when the New York market opens there is extreme market volatility and momentum which the EA then capitalizes on and makes a profit on it.

The Breakout Beast EA will create a box based on the high/low during the New York Session and will trade the daily breakout when it happens. There are 3 Take Profit levels based on fibonacci, and a fixed stop loss is always used for protection of the account.

Account monitoring here:

Top Features:

  • Has LIVE performance account monitoring.
  • This EA needs little to no intervention or monitoring, simply load the EA on the chart, set up the risk parameters based on your personal risk tolerance, and that’s it, let it make you money.
  • The EA can also be used for trading other kinds of breakouts from other sessions or markets, you simply edit the settings accordingly.
  • It can be used for trading the London session breakout, or Asian session breakout if you like.
  • It is very versatile in how it can be utilized for trading other various markets and sessions.
  • Backtested extensively with 99% quality tick data using variable spread and slippage.
  • For money and risk management you can make use of fixed lot size, auto lot based on risk %, and lots per balance.
  • The EA does not use any dangerous trading methods like grid, averaging, or hedging.
  • Uses a fixed stop loss and take profit for every order.
  • Can be used for passing prop trading challenges.
  • Not sensitive to brokers spread and slippage.
  • Very affordable when compared to other similar trading products.

This EA does have a martingale option to recoup previous losses if there is a false breakout. The martingale option can be deactivated if you don’t want to use it.

Recommended Settings:

  • Pairs: US30.
  • Timeframes: M5, M15.
  • Minimum balance: $100.
  • Minimum leverage: 1:50.


Disclaimer: Please remember that past performance does not guarantee future results. Please practice on a demo account first to get familiar with the EA’s operation and settings before trading it live, and ALWAYS use a good money management! This EA is not perfect and there will be losses sometimes, that’s why its imperative to always use a stop loss to help mitigate the losses and protect your profits!

My products are only available for sale here on our official website or on the MQL5 market, if you have seen my products for sale online somewhere else for a cheaper price it is fake and you will get scammed. If you purchase from somewhere else you will not get any support from me as well. Don’t risk it, only buy from official places and don’t lose your money.


The source code for this EA is available for purchase.


Make your payment to our local FNB account and receive a 20% discount! (South Africa only) contact us for bank details.

For alternative payment options like payment with Skrill or Neteller please contact us. 

Please note that you will receive 1 real license key, and 1 demo account license key per product purchase only. Additional license keys can be purchased for only $49 per extra license.

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