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The Breakout Beast EA has been completely reworked and updated to version 2.0. After many months of research, development and testing to improve on the breakout strategy, we have made some major updates to the EA. Instead of trading the volatile and risky London session we have instead changed to trading the daily breakout of the Asian session, and by doing this we have reduced overall risk and improved the performance and profitability of the EA.

Recommended trading pair is EURJPY on M5 time frame.

The Breakout Beast EA will create a box based on the previous swing high, and swing low leading out of the Asian Session and will trade the price breakout. There are 3 Take Profit levels based on Fibonacci calculations, and an fixed stop loss is always used for protection of the account. You can edit the size of the box should you wish to, and you can change the timing of the session start time & end time. (for daylight saving etc)

This EA needs little to no intervention or monitoring, simply load the EA on the chart, set your lot size based on your personal risk management, and that's it, let it do its thing. The input parameters can be edited, but the default settings have been optimized for best performance.

This EA does utilize Martingale to recoup losses if there is a false breakout. The default Martingale level is 5, and there is the option to reset the sequence on each new session start. You can also edit the Martingale multiplier. The Martingale settings can be fully edited and deactivated if you don't want to use it.

For alternative payment options like payment with Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin or local bank transfer (South Africa Only) please contact us. Thank you.

Please note that you will receive 1 demo license key, and 1 real account license key per product purchase only. Additional license keys can be purchased for $39 per extra license.